On initial inspection, the Engineer will present you with a quotation for the work required, and if the price is accepted, the work will then be carried out and the call-out charge will be negated. We do this to cover our engineer's petrol, congestion charge and any other consumables that may be used on the journey to the property, in the event that the engineer's quotation is not accepted.

Please be aware, that even the seemingly simple jobs sometimes turn in to monster jobs! These problems are often caused because the obvious problem masks another more serious one. Other issues are difficulties in gaining access to do the job or problems isolating the water so that the job can be done. Our policy is to keep you informed if a simple job looks as if it will turn into something that takes much more time and effort.

Minimum charge: £65
Conventional Combi Boiler Service: £80
Condensing (HE) Combi Boiler Service: £80 - £120
Landlord's certificates (Gas Safety Check): £65
Boiler Change: from £1800 - Free Quotation including engineer visit upon request

  • We do NOT charge by the hour.
  • We do have a minimum callout charge of £65, if the quotation is not accepted.
  • Parts carried by us are priced from our standard price list. 
  • Please note our Terms and Conditions before calling us out.
  • All prices exclude VAT.